Artificial Reef

In today’s world of depleting natural resources, sustainable development is the keyword. Nowhere is it more relevant than in waterfront developments where artificial reefs could offer an environment-friendly solution.


As a company with a strong commitment for the environment, UMT not only makes every effort to minimise its carbon footprint by following sustainable development practises but also builds artificial habitats to enhance biodiversity.

UMT has the capabilities to design, build and install complete artificial reef systems in the sea that could improve fish stocks and create exciting opportunities for diving such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

UMT uses specially built concrete structures with hollow interiors and holes. These structures are specially treated to withstand the salinity of seawater and last for a long time under water. The concrete blocks will be fixed in the sea with the expertise of specially trained UMT divers who take extra care not to obstruct the movement of boats or create damage to sea life. Within few weeks of installation, algae and barnacles will be attached to the concrete reef structure and fishes will be attracted to feed on these creatures. Within a short period, these artificial reef structures will support coral growth and a beautiful reef will be developed with the diversity of sea creatures.