PWC Lifts

Whether you have a watercraft, pontoon, Jet Ski or a high performance speedboat, UMT has a boatlift perfectly sized, equipped and competitively priced to meet your unique marina lifestyle needs.


UMT’s partnership with EZ Dock and Deco Boatlifts, two of the world’s most renowned brands for superior quality boatlifts, enables the company to equip your docks with bespoke PWC Lifts. Working closely with the experts at EZ Dock and Deco Boatlifts, the UMT team design and build customised boat and Jet Ski lift solutions to lift and lower boats of weight up to 15 Tons without any physical strain or material damage!

EZ Dock, a world leader in modular docking system, offers a wide range of proprietary PWC Lifts and accessories. EZ Dock’s polyethylene boatlift solutions enable effortless loading and unloading of boats of capacities up to 5000lbs. Made of durable, slip-resistant and chemical-resistant materials, EZ Dock PWC Lifts can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs, making them the perfect choice for boats including skiffs, fishing boats, and jet boats.

DECO Boat Lifts also offer a broad array of high-performance boatlift systems including lifts in elevators, beamless, traditional four- eight piling beam, and box-beam configurations. They are known for impeccable craftsmanship and durability. The PWC Lifts from DECO Boat Lifts are crafted from high quality aluminium and stainless steel and feature full length carpeted bunk boards and easily accessible momentary rope switches. DECO Boat Lifts’ PWC Lifts can handle boats of capacities from 1500lbs to 4000lbs.